Video explainer: IT_LabWorks learning platform

Quote of the day

"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."
Marshall McLuhan

What's New

We are preparing the launch of LabConnection 3.0! This was released in the summer of 2014. It ads the seamless integration of ExamConnection into the LabConnection 3.0 platform.

Cengage Learning partners with dti Publishing to release its certification series in the IT_LabWorks virtual corporate world. Support tecnicians and Network engineers to be will "work" at the virtual Bonanza Mining Corporation's IT department and learn on the job - Their virtual job. The first product released in early 2015.

We are now piloting IT_LabWorks™The new frontier in IT Education & Training 

Virtual worlds are rapidly becoming part of the educational technology landscape. The IT_LabWorks™ platform is the most comprehensive of these environments for IT training and certification preparation. The first titles on this new platform are A+ 220-801 & 220-802 which are available now. Next title in line is Network+ N10-006.

Logical Operations announces a new strategic partnership with dti Publishing

Rochester, NY - March 12, 2013 - Logical Operations is now offering organizations worldwide an integration between dti Publishing’s CertBlaster exam preparation solution and Logical Operations’ LogicalCHOICE. Read the full press release.

What they say

"IT_LabWorks flips the curriculum and revolutionizes how IT is taught! This is what I have been waiting for over the last 20 years. IT_LabWorks is an earthquake in education!"
Jean Andrews, PhD
IT Instructor & best selling author of A+ Certification books

“I think that having them both [book and LabConnection] together was great. At times the lab software was more helpful to me than the book was. I also liked LabConnection much more than I like LabSim. LabConnection’s "show me" option saved me a couple times, and allowed me to see how to do something [rather] than just read how.”

December 2013, Student in Windows Server class at Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Versailles, KY.

"LabConnection insures that the students get their hands-on experience while allowing me to analyze their progress and therefore better guide them on a personalized basis."
Mike Stevensen,
IT Instructor at Penn State University
"This is my fifth semester using LabConnection and I can't imagine how I made it before LabConnection! The students love it, they get the practice, the guidance, and I get all the reports and the grading!"
Stephanie Moye, MCSE - CCNA
IT Instructor at Southeastern Technical College


“Provisioning access to CertBlaster directly through the LogicalCHOICE digital learning platform helps our customers provide their students with an instructor-led training experience that is meaningful and incredibly impactful to their professional development. CertBlaster ensures students are adequately equipped to achieve industry certification before investing in a live exam.” 
Bill Rosenthal
CEO of Logical Operations