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"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."
Marshall McLuhan

What's New

We are preparing the launch of LabConnection 3.0! This was released in the summer of 2014. It ads the seamless integration of ExamConnection into the LabConnection 3.0 platform.

Cengage Learning partners with dti Publishing to release its certification series in the IT_LabWorks virtual corporate world. Support tecnicians and Network engineers to be will "work" at the virtual Bonanza Mining Corporation's IT department and learn on the job - Their virtual job. The first product released in early 2015.

We are now piloting IT_LabWorks™The new frontier in IT Education & Training 

Virtual worlds are rapidly becoming part of the educational technology landscape. The IT_LabWorks™ platform is the most comprehensive of these environments for IT training and certification preparation. The first titles on this new platform are A+ 220-801 & 220-802 which are available now. Next title in line is Network+ N10-006.

Logical Operations announces a new strategic partnership with dti Publishing

Rochester, NY - March 12, 2013 - Logical Operations is now offering organizations worldwide an integration between dti Publishing’s CertBlaster exam preparation solution and Logical Operations’ LogicalCHOICE. Read the full press release.

Assessments as an integral part of the learning process

ExamConnection® is an assessment system that allows tests and exams to be embedded within the instruction, and looks at assessment as a means of instruction rather than as a mere method to judge student learning. The system is designed for instructor led learning but can also be built into any online education delivery.

A complete assessment loop for a complete academic solution

Assessment is an integral part of any education system, and considerable amount of energy is devoted to this activity. The two major reasons for assessing students are to give them feedback about their progress towards the development of their knowledge, understanding and skills, as well as determine their performance level with respect to knowledge, understanding, and skills. These are also called formative and summative assessments respectively.  By adding a pre-assessment (diagnostic) component, ExamConnection® completes the assessment loop.

Integrated assessments for a high-technology solution

Effective integration of assessment into the instruction requires that the assessment activities become part of the instructional program. While this sounds quite simple, the process of developing such assessments requires extensive planning, and a thorough knowledge of desired learning outcomes. ExamConnection® achieves such integrated assignments through close collaboration with content developers, instructors, and publishers of the learning content.

In-depth remediation engages the student

In order to offer students feedback about their progress ExamConnection® provides a customized Remediation Plan available in real time. The plan remediates back to the learning content and when that content is a book often down to the page level. This convenience and ease of use keeps the student engaged and learning.

In-depth analysis helps the instructor teach

The instructors control panel in ExamConnection® offers sophisticated and efficient performance measures. The reports will show all grades as well as performance per student and per class . Instructors will be able to evaluate both student and test performance in intuitive and meaningful reporting formats. Some notable reports are the Performance per Learning Objective report that shows achievement per objective. Another report that will greatly assist the instructor is the Class Matrix that graphically alerts the instructor to areas that may require extra attention whether with the student or the tests. With the ExamConnection® control panel the instructor has 100% of the control, 100% of the time.

How ExamConnection® will benefit your class

  • Document and demonstrate learning through pre- and post- assessments
  • Automatic grading and managed student records
  • Helps students get actively engaged in the classroom
  • Detailed student information available anytime - anywhere
  • In depth test history broken down by student, class, topic, objective or question
  • Group reporting for all assessments by user, subject or objective
  • Ongoing test and software  updates available online
  • Remediation to keep students focused, engaged and learning                

Features and Benefits